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Dear certified NitroxDiver,
"Never rely on rules of thumb for diving" they say. Well, we trust the rule of your thumb when it comes to calculating with our NitroxCalc. Squeeze out just that one last meter on your MOD? We tend to say: why not? Optimizing your BestMix with pen and paper must be pretty dull. Why not finetune in real-time?
Can you swipe your thumb across the screen? Well, congratulations, you already know how to calculate then. Leave your manuals at home, they'd get wet anyways. It's never been easier. It's never been fun before.

- MOD, BestMix, Blending and CNS calculation
- Imperial or metric
- iPad and iPhone 5 optimizations


We think that using the NitroxCalc application is very much self-explanatory. Nonetheless there might be functions obvious to us as programmers and not-so obvious to you, the user. So let's go into some of the features and see if there's something left to surprise you.

The table on the top shows you the maximum operating depth, your deco and the highest possible dive time.

Values in the table are updating simultaneously while changing the oxygen parameter with your finger. Without the need of a keyboard you can easily make changes on the go or even on a shaking boat.

Find the best mix for your dive by changing the MOD to the required value.

Blend existing oxygen in the bottle with new one to get the requested filling.

Don't Panic!

We are here to help.
When you have any questions, do not hesitate and ask us.



And of course NitroxCalc is compatible to all your iOS devices.

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