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TrimixCalc is the continuous development of NitroxCalc for techies. More and more ambitious divers are interested in the mixed gas diving with helium. In addition to oxygen comes an additional helium gas to the calculations to EAD, MOD into play. with this App, it is now possible to accurately calculate maximum depth, depth comparison and Best Mix.

This of course does not replace careful dive planning. But you get a result for considered gas mixtures.

Have fun with the app! Issues and error messages will be answered via our contact address. References in the reviews are not useful to us, since we have no access to it.

And of course Trimix is also optimized for your iPad and iPhone 5.

mix blend info

Calculate the best mix under your conditions.

A important help is the gas blender feature, which gives you under given pressure and mix the necessary proportions for the target mix. Only certified professionals should mix the gas.

The order of oxygen and helium for blending is selectable. You can even change the units with just one click.

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